Flying Marrows Gardening

Seasonal Tasks

Flying Marrows ceanothus

We have created a list of our favourite seasonal tasks.

There is always something to do in the garden all year round.

September Make compost heap

Sow lawn seed or lay turf

Plant bulbs
Flying Marrows fennel
October Plant trees and shrubs

Mulch borders

Make rock garden
Flying Marrows hypericum
November Plant hedges

Aerate lawn and rake leaves

Dig vegetable garden
Flying Marrows frost
December Plant trees and shrubs

Tidy up

Clean tools and outdoor furniture
Flying Marrows gorse
January Plant deciduous shrubs

Prune ornamental trees

Rake lawns
Flying Marrows snowdrop
Febrary Prune summer-flowering shrubs

Lay lawn turf

Prune gooseberries and raspberries
Flying Marrows crocus
March Prune and feed roses

Prepare vegetable garden

Make hanging baskets
Flying Marrows bluebells
April Sow lawn seed

Prune spring-flowering shrubs

Feed and mow lawn
Flying Marrows leycesteria
May Prune appropriate shrubs

Weed beds and borders

Sow and plant vegetables
Flying Marrows fig
June Plant vegetables

Water thirsty plants

Plant out flowers
Flying Marrows vegetable garden
July Deadhead roses

Water and feed vegetables

Train climbing plants
Flying Marrows aquilegia
August Clip hedges

Prune rambler roses

Weed lawn
Flying Marrows rose